coffee time

i’m a coffee-lover.
our love affair started long ago, ever since my mom taught me how to dip a chocolate bar in a cup of coffee, so it would melt and chocolate would become so creamy and tasty. of course, i would dip my chocolate bar in her cup of coffee and very soon she regretted for teaching me the trick.

then, some years later, when i was a teenager, i would make her company during her coffee-break. it would soon become our ritual. bosnian coffee is to be drank slowly, with passion and patience. some of the greatest and most intimate stories are told over a cup of coffee.

since i haven’t been living in bosnia for almost 10 years, i got used to different kinds of coffee. italian coffee, american instant coffee, even coffee with extracts of ginseng and fatimah kecip plants, which i used to drink in malaysia. but bosnian coffee would still remain my absolute favorite.


so, this is how i spent this saturday afternoon with my hubby. bosnian coffee + mozartkugeln (we have to give credit to austrians for inventing one of the tastiest chocolate treats ever). also, huge thanks to my father-in-law for the beautiful present (coffee pot + cups, widely known as “džezva + fildžani”).


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