bookmarks & quotes

even if not a compulsive reader (i’m not one of those who read the entire book in one sitting, stopping only for meals), i love reading. when it comes to books, just like with everything else, i’m quite choosy, so i won’t start reading a random book just to have something to read. books i read are chosen carefully, checking the reviews & all, although sometimes i make a mistake and i end up reading a book for year or so (and in the meantime, i read a couple of other books, as well).

books also helped me learning new languages. my mother tongue is bosnian, english is the language i’ve learned at school, for two years i attended a german language course, and currently i’m working in italy, so italian is also among languages i speak. since i have the option, i tend to choose reading in the original language, and when impossible, on the language from the same family of languages.

when reading, i take my sweet time to finish it. due to quite demanding job and busy schedule, i read usually in metro or trains and before going to bed. however, when coming across an interesting quote, i tend to write it down.

couple of months ago i got a perfect present from my sister. little box of bookmarks, each having a quote written on it. and in german! i’ve been trying to review my german for a while now, and this could be a good start.

der kleine zettelkasten grosse wahrheiten, or the little box of big truths, contains over twenty wonderful quotes of german writers.

kolaz 1

and with this i open a new category on my blog – a book club, where i will try to remember all those quotes i’ve written over the years and which i still find relevant. the first quote is one of the quotes from the little box of truths:

kolaz 2

“vielleicht sind alle träume nur erinnerungen”, or “perhaps are all the dreams just memories”,
christian friedrich hebbel


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