i attempted to read 1984, by george orwell, at least three times before i actually managed to finish it. maybe it was because i had quite busy schedule (it was my last semester in the university), maybe the copy i had borrowed from the library was too old, or maybe this reaction was due to the orwell’s writing style. well, it’s not important, once i got passed the first 50 pages, and actually managed to finish it, i absolutely loved it. it became one of my favorite books.

it was published in 1949 and i think it is getting more and more haunting, since we can witness how its prediction are coming true. the brilliance of this novel is author’s prescience of modern life — the omnipresence of television and media in general, the distortion of the language and his ability to construct such a thorough version of hell.

quotes i underlined and copied were but a few, however, i will write here only those i find truly inspiring and those which make me think about my future life and future of the world.

“who controls the past, controls the future; who controls present, controls the past. and yet, the past though of its nature alterable, never had been altered. whatever was true now, was true from everlasting to everlasting. it was quite simple. all that was needed was an unending series of victories over your own memory.”

“it was like swimming against a current that swept you backwards however hard you struggled, and then suddenly deciding to turn round and go with the current instead of opposing it. nothing had changed except your own attitude.”

“the best books, he perceived, are those that tell you what you know already.”

and finally,

“war is peace. freedom is slavery. ignorance is strength.”– party slogan

a couple of years ago i got a perfect present from my mum. a keychain with 1984 written on it. it is actually a product of marc jacobs company, and 1984 denoted the year of label marc jacobs, hence – since 1984.


it was a birthday present and it doesn’t remind me of george orwell’s novel only. i’m also since 1984.


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