greedy taste of brussels!

last week i’ve managed to organize a little trip to the land of chocolate, lace & lovely art and architecture. the plan was simple, we would stay in brussels for several days, just relaxing and enjoying the spring, and then we would go on a daily trip to bruges. even though our schedule wasn’t so packed, this little trip gave me enough material for couple of blog posts.

one of the days we were wandering around the brussels’ central area, quite close to the grand place actually, and as we were searching for a place we could eat in (and we were looking for impossible – a non touristy place in that area!) we came across this lovely brasserie (eng. brewery) of unpronounceable name!


“nüetnigenough” means something like “greedy” in brussels’ dialect. on the brasserie’s website it is defined as “someone who has never, never ever enough (of something/someone)”.

nuetnigenough is one of those places where people would hang out with beers while having a light dinner (either tapas or starters). there were also several traditional dishes (cooked with beer, of course!). since we don’t drink beer, we didn’t get to enjoy that part of the restaurant; however, we could admire its design & cosy atmosphere. it is just off the famous grand place, on rue du lombard 25 (corner of rue du midi).

the place was designed in art nouveau style, very popular in brussels, and in this part of the world. art nouveau is often described it as “sudden violent curves generated by the crack of a whip”. when it comes to architecture, art nouveau unique style is often seen in windows, arches and doors.


anyway, more of art nouveau architecture was yet to be discovered in brussels. the four town houses, designed by a great belgian architect & pioneer of art nouveau in architecture victor horta, have found their way to unesco heritage list. therefore, my next post will be dedicated to the major town houses by victor horta.

ps. as for the brasserie, for more info visit the following website:


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