now and then.. la grand-place, no. 857

la grand-place in brussels has been on the unesco heritage list since 1998. it is on the list thanks to the architecture itself, which provides a vivid illustration of the level of social and cultural life of one particular period in this important political and commercial centre. most of the buildings on la grand-place (eng. the main square) are dating mainly from the late 17th century. la grand-place also shows the evolution and achievements of a mercantile city of northern europe at the height of its prosperity.

la grand-place 1

i have been to brussels (and on la grand-place) twice; the first time in november 2005. and now, after almost eight years. what can i say, the place itself did not change a bit.. but i sure have.

when i came to brussels for the first time, i was only 21 years old. i was living in kuala lumpur, malaysia, and decided to spend my semester break with my sister, who at the time lived in stockholm. she treated me with the weekend trip to brussels.

we had a great time! since it was the second half of november, it was already snowing in stockholm, but in brussels it was still autumn.. with golden leafs around&all. i also remember how i felt completely dependent on my sister. she got the tickets, found the place where we could spend the night and finally, she was my guide brussels since she’s already been there. when i came for the second time all those feelings came back. i remembered how i used to be back then.

so, what happened in the meantime.. i became an aerospace engineer and came back from malaysia, afterwards i moved to milan, where i discovered the world of oil&gas pipelines.. and became fluent in italian. for a long time i had to juggle between my work & master’s (which was not particularly fun).. however, i’ve travelled a lot (& seen a lot of unesco heritage sites!). i got to meet a lot of fascinating individuals.. and one in particular.. i got married to a wonderful man (whom with i came to brussels & la grand-place for the second time).

finally, here are the pics of me on la grand-place; one from november 2005. and the other from may 2013.



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