postcards’ invasion!

last week i came home to a wonderful surprise! two lovely postcards from my highschool friend lejla, who went to study in the netherlands.


the first postcard shows schokland, a unesco heritage site, which was actually an island in the past. since the 1940s it formed part of the land reclaimed from the sea, by draining of the zuider zee. it symbolizes the struggle of the people of the netherlands against the encroachment of the waters. it confirms the dutch saying that God created the world but a man created the netherlands!

the second postcard has a delftware vase on it, a blue and white pottery which is a landmark of the town of delft. the beautiful part of this postcard is that one can actually cut it down to pieces and make a little delftware vase!

the most beautiful part is the fact that a person whom i haven’t talked to in years figured out what i like and what would i like to see. it made me think of our friendship, as well. we have never been the best friends, we were only schoolmates who went to german language course together. every couple of years we exchanged a couple of emails, in the recent months maybe a bit more. i have to admit i was really touched how she remembered i told her to enjoy delft and delftware and that i “collect” unesco heritage sites. i wish there were more people like lejla. i wish i were thoughtful like her.


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