my borneo pearls

“borneo pearls” is malaysian brand of jewelry, which encapsulates the island of borneo, its people, culture and diversities.

borneo is an island in southeast asia and home to 18.5 million people, different in their races, nationalities, religions and customs. this diversity has resulted in expression of feelings and emotions through its hand assembled jewelry pieces.

i’ve got these simple black pearl earrings when i was about to leave malaysia, in november 2007. it was a gift to myself – for my 23rd birthday and to celebrate my last exam in uni (i went out straight after the exam ended).

black pearls1a

they are my favorite pair of earrings. i wanted to put a couple of photos of me wearing them, and as i went through my photos i’ve realized that i’m wearing them in half the pictures! and since they’re small & simple, they go well with everything.

black pearls2a

given that i’ve lost half of the earrings i own, it is a miracle they survived; i moved five times since 2007. and i’ve survived burglary about a year ago. well, i guess they’re survivors.. they are my tiny bit of malaysia which i keep with me wherever i go.

ps. for more info on borneo pearls visit


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