jackson pollock.. in a word

recently i’ve visited an exhibition “pollock e gli irascibili” (pollock and the irascible) at palazzo reale (royal palace) in milano, where there were shown some of early works of jackson pollock, the founder and the major figure in the abstract expressionist movement, as well as works of the movement’s other representatives. even though i was eager to see works of jackson pollock again, i came out quite disappointed – only few early paintings were on display. major part of the exhibition contained works of other abstract expressionists, such as helen frankenthaler, sam francis and ad reinhardt (shown in the following picture).


however, i did get to read something which, in my view, defines pollock’s way of painting and abstract expressionism in general:
“a painting is not about an experience. it is an experience”

the above quote helps me explain why jackson pollock is one of my favorite artists. also, i love the way that pollock’s paintings reveal his technique, so-called drip painting. and i do think the development of drip painting; laying down the large-scale canvases on the floor and creating the paintings by dripping paint of different colors, is pretty clever. with this technique, he was able to achieve a more immediate means of creating art, the paint was literally flowing from his chosen tool onto the canvas. also, by changing the conventional way of painting of the age, he added a new dimension to it, by being able to view and apply paint to his canvases from all directions.


i had the fortune to admire his amazing pieces (not only the early works!) at MoMA museum in the new york city. only when i saw pollock’s major works in the full-scale, i was able to appreciate them the way they deserve it.

so how did i get to like pollock’s works and movement? well, i got informed on pollock’s paintings and life over the years, but the very first time i got introduced to his works was about 10 years ago, as i was watching the film “mona lisa smile”. one may say it is a typical chick-flick, but i liked it a lot. also, even for people who do not appreciate this genre, there’s a scene which makes this film worth of watching. it is the scene when professor watson (julia roberts) reveals one of the pollock’s paintings to her female students from the very conservative wellesley college.. to me, it is very powerful.

ps. as you may notice, i’ve decided to add new category on my blog – “la bellezza” or “the beauty”. this section is not going to be dedicated to art only, but also to design, fashion and other pretty things. i was inspired by the film “la grande bellezza”, about which i’ve written here.


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