highlights of paris

they say that paris is always a good idea! and i will add – especially when you get to go with your sister, like i did last week.
i will dedicate this post to a couple of highlights of my short trip.

highlight #1 – pompidou centre


pompidou centre is without any doubt the building like no other. the centre was designed by italian architect renzo piano & british architect richard rogers. the project was awarded to this team in an architectural design competition, and the building was completed in 1977.
even though the building is very popular now, in the 1970-ties the reactions were divided for its “inside-out” architecture, since the design was quite ahead of its time (for example, national geographic described the reaction to the design as “love at second sight.”). just a bit of trivia, all of the functional structural elements of the building are colour-coded: green pipes are plumbing, blue ducts are for climate control, electrical wires are encased in yellow, and circulation elements and devices for safety are red.
ps. you wouldn’t want to plan your visit to pompidou centre on tuesday – like i did.. and found it closed!

highlight #2 – la défense & grande arche


la défense, business district of paris, was named after a stand against the prussians in 1870.
the district was founded in 1958. with the first generation of skyscrapers and it kept its appearance until the early 1970s, when in response to great demand, a second generation of buildings were realized.
a third generation of towers began to appear in the early 1980s – which lead to construction of the grande arche, the main landmark of la défense, in the 1989.
after the stagnation in the 1990-ties, la défense is once again expanding and is now the largest purpose-built business district in europe.
i loved how the architecture of la défense was mirrored in its continuous building over the years; you could see the skyscrapers from the 1980-ties together with the buildings of a newer date. and i loved how the entire district was grouped around the grande arche, its natural centre.
oh, and i was also very proud of my photo!

highlight #3 – a walk in marais


once a swamp, now hip&trendy neighborhood – i loved marais! i loved its small-scale buildings, cosy cafés (i would recommend “le loir dans la théière”, where i had lunch) and lovely boutiques (i found all my favourite boutiques – comptoir des cotonniers, sandro, zadig&voltaire, and a bunch of new ones). i came to marais the first day with my sister, but i couldn’t resist coming back at least one more time.

highlight of highlights – my sister!


three days in paris with my sister were just what i needed.


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