paris, banks of the seine, no.600

after dedicating my last post to several highlights of paris, i have decided to dedicate this post to highlights of “classical” paris, the unesco heritage site no.600.

in 1991. some of the most significant architectural masterpieces realized on the banks of the seine were added on the unesco heritage sites list, such as notre dame and the sainte chapelle, louvre, palais de l’institut, les invalides, place de la concorde, école militaire, la monnaie, grand palais des champs elysées, eiffel tower and palais de chaillot.

i have spent an entire day walking down the river seine, enjoying the sunshine & brisk breeze, and taking pictures.

eiffel tower & bridges on the seine

banks of seine & île de la cité

Notre Dame_3
notre dame de paris

musée du louvre after the rain

while walking down the river seine, i remembered what i’ve read in the unesco website, while reading about this heritage site: “paris is a river town. ever since the first human settlements, from the prehistoric days and the village of the parisii tribes, the seine has played both a defensive and an economic role. the present historic city, which developed between the 16th (and particularly the 17th) centuries and the 20th century, translates the evolution of the relationship between the river and the people: defence, trade, promenades, etc.”

river seine was the heart of paris through history, and it still is. there are 37 bridges within paris and dozens more outside the city. throughout the history it played an important role: the ashes of joan of arc were thrown in the river seine in 1431; at the 1900 summer olympics it hosted the rowing, swimming, and water polo events; it was one of the original objectives of operation overlord in 1944; and during the 19th and the 20th centuries the seine inspired many artists, such as henry matisse, camille pissarro, etc.

i have enjoyed my walk along seine. i think it is the best way to see and appreciate the splendor of paris.


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