red bag

i think every person needs a bag which is able carry everything one may need that day.. besides the usual, wallet, mobile, keys and lipstick, you could put your laptop, book (or in my case a space-saver, kindle), and even your groceries.
well.. maybe not every person.. but i know i do..

so, this is my “big-bag” – where i can put all the above. aaaand.. it is red! and very very pretty!

red bag_2a

this lovely zadig&voltaire bag is big enough to take in everything i need daily. it is strong enough to carry everything.. it’s got even this little red wallet for my passport.. and a little butterfly just to spice things up.

i have it for several months only, but it’s already my favorite. and as you could see, it goes well with vacation mood.

red bag_1a

ps. the first photo was taken (but slightly modified) from zadig&voltaire website, while the second took my husband during our vacation in france.


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