moment of happiness #1

i believe everyone has at least one photo which shows the state of pure happiness. i happen to have several of them, which i plan to share with you, on my blog.

this photo was taken by my husband, only several days after our wedding. we were in cairo, and while everybody was telling us we cannot miss the khan al khalili souk, we decided to go next door and to visit al-azhar mosque; first to pray and than to admire it’s splendor.. and to take several pictures.

while he was taking pictures, i was looking around.. i was admiring the courtyard and mosque’s architecture.. its minarets, arches and motifs..

then he wanted to take picture of me. before having my picture taken i wanted to fix my scarf, but i realized i didn’t have a mirror.. then i remembered i could use the camera’s lens. while i was fixing my scarf, he started taking pictures.. and then i started to laugh.. actually, we both did..

39_al azhar

and that’s it. maybe i have more flattering photos, but this one is still very special. every time i look at it, all those memories come back.. bliss, laughter, and of course, happiness.


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