short escape in istria

even though the summer is about to end, i still haven’t gone in proper vacation. aside from short visit to my homeland last week (which i will share with you later on), i’ve managed to organize only a long weekend in istria. i don’t know if i can call it “summer vacation” since we have been there before summer officially started, in june.

it was a mini road trip, we managed to see the towns of poreč, rovinj and pula. we loved them all! many others were left unexplored (such as pazin, opatija, etc), but we decided to leave them for the next trip – oh yes, we’re definitely coming back!

our first stop was poreč – a 2000 years old town and a site of 6th century euphrasian basilica, a unesco world heritage site. we managed to see the basilica only at night (hence, no photos!), since we were on the beach during the day.

rovinj, the second town we visited, was the one we liked the most and where we stayed the longest. we even sacrificed a bit of our beach time to take a walk and climb all the way to saint euphemia’s basilica.

istria 1

rovinj at sunset

istria 3

rovinj – view from the northern harbor

istria 6

details from rovinj

after leaving rovinj, we headed south towards the town of pula, the largest in istria county. while driving, we enjoyed some of the typical istrian scenery.

istria 4

istrian scenery

pula is the largest city in istria and is situated at the southern tip of the peninsula. it has been istria’s administrative centre since ancient roman times. even its most famous landmark, pula arena, dates from this period.

istria 5

pula arena

last, but not the least, this trip was very special for me for one more reason – it was my very first camping experience! even though i was quite a skeptic, it went amazingly well and i cannot wait for my next camping trip!

istria tent

ps. most of the photos were taken by tarik. these photos are usually kept in our private collection, but i thought they are too beautiful not to be published. what do you think?


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