zurich.. from a different angle

what is the first thing that comes to our mind when someone mentions zurich, or switzerland in general?
chocolate, cheese, mountains, lakes.. and of course – money!
that’s how it was for me – until several months ago, when i got the chance to visit zurich again & to see it from a different angle.

oh it still is all that – but it’s also very fashionable, relaxed and bold.
i have spent the last weekend in zurich with my sister – mainly in the former industrial quarter – and i have to say – i liked it much better than the traditional organized, perfect and “money” quarter.

so, what did we do..

we started our saturday with a morning coffee in a very cosy cafe:

Zurich 1

then we decided to take a walk, it was a splendid autumn day.. we came across fraitag flagship store, completely built from rusty and recycled freight-containers. oh, this was zurich’s first bonsai-skyscraper: low enough not to violate the city’s restriction on high-rise buildings. it is quite something, right?

Zurich 2

on our way to the city centre we passed by “im viadukt” – a train viaduct from 1894 transformed into a 500-metre long shopping mall with a food market. we visited several stores; this is a place filled with young and up&coming designers:

Zurich 5

of course, we couldn’t resist checking out some of the food stores. i found this one quite interesting, especially for the chili hanging from the ceiling:

Zurich 3

as for the sunday, we started our day quite slowly – with a sunday brunch in a lovely restaurant:

Zurich 4

we spent the rest of the morning pampering ourselves – but in the afternoon we managed to get ourselves outside for a run. even though we both run quite regularly, it was our first time together. we had so much fun.. and we should definitely do this more often!

Zurich 7

to sum up, zurich is definitely prettier off the beaten path.. but it is the prettiest when you see it with someone as inspiring & amazing as my sister.


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