so, what happened? [australia#1]

even though we came back from australia three weeks ago, i still haven’t found a way to define my feelings about this trip.

before our departure i wrote a short entry where i gave you a sneak peek into our trip. i also made a promise (well, maybe i didn’t make it official, but at least to myself) that i would write a couple of posts from there. we all know that didn’t happen. our trip was simply too busy and i didn’t find the time (or the place) to write something.

so, what happened?
our holiday was proceeding fabulously – we loved both sydney and melbourne, in fact – we couldn’t decide which one we liked better. the blue mountains and the great ocean road were slightly disappointing – only for the amount of people we encountered there, but other than that – those sights are really something. and tasmania.. oh, tasmania! we couldn’t get enough of it! the sands of fraycinet peninsula and bay of fires were as impressive as the rocks of cradle mountain. and hobart, the capital of tasmania and the second settlement in australia, shouldn’t be missed either.

however, on the 4th of january at about 4am – our dream holiday had turned into a nightmare. our most valuable belongings (read: our documents, photo camera, telephones, and many more) were stolen while we were staying at the camp “cairns holiday park”. so, our last week was dedicated to these activities: compiling police reports, getting in touch with our embassy in australia so we could come back to europe & of course organizing the trip to canberra (where bosnian embassy is based). we even forgot about the great barrier reef, which was the reason we came to cairns in the first place. i have to say that our friend sajid helped us a lot by letting us stay at his place in canberra, as did sandy & craig, a lovely couple whom we met at the camp the night our stuff was stolen.

once we had got everything settled, we realized it was our last night in sydney, and in australia too. so we went down to sydney harbor, to take one more look at it. while we were admiring the views, a very nice girl took a photo of us. and she was so sweet to email it to us right away.


this post pretty much sums up our trip. there were some truly amazing moments, as well as a couple of very sad & frustrating ones. however, i will try to recapture all of those nice memories we have and write them down here, on my blog. as much as i can remember, of course.

as for the other ones.. i’ll try not to think about them any more.


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