neutral bay & cremorne [australia #3]

once we safely arrived in sydney, we settled in neutral bay, a quiet quarter in north sydney, and we stayed there for several days, before going to melbourne.

we were staying at carla’s, who rented a room in her apartment. not only that her place was super-cute, but there was an access to the small garden overlooking neutral bay. it was perfect spot for breakfast and our morning coffee.


in order to reach sydney, we had to take a ferry. even though the ferry rides followed rather strict timetable, we didn’t mind taking the ferry every day, since it would give us the view of lovely sights. i have to admit, even though sydney opera house is the landmark of sydney (and entire australia), harbor bridge managed to amuse me even more. it’s a great work of structural engineering (well, i’m an engineer after all!) & knowing how advanced was the project for its time (it was completed in 1932, after eight years of construction), i couldn’t help admiring it. it is truly inspiring piece of engineering.


one day we had to postpone our daily trip to the city center, since the airport people were finally delivering our luggage, which got lost on the trip from vienna – through paris & kuala lumpur – to sydney. since we spent a couple of days without our clothes, we definitely wanted to wait for its delivery (even though our hostess told us she could receive it for us).
of course, it was quite depressing to sit at home and wait for it, so we decided to take a walk in the neighborhood. then, carla suggested that we should go to the cremorne point, where the nature is splendid and views of sydney harbor are stunning.

once we entered the cremorne reserve, a wonderful loop walk around cremorne peninsula, we suddenly noticed the mix of formal gardens and random bush. the signs along the way helped us to discover something of its original aboriginal inhabitants, the architectural heritage, as well as the impact of development on the reserve’s flora and fauna and the work being done to bring back the bush.


we loved this part of sydney so much that we decided to come back tomorrow for a morning run (a bit slow and lazy one!). also, every now and then we would stop to take pictures.


finally, we arrived to the tip of cremorne point, to the lighthouse mounted on a rock and connected to shore by a footbridge. from cremorne point lighthouse, so-called robertson point light, we could see what carla was talking about. the view of sydney harbor was amazing.


we were already on the way back when carla called us, saying that our luggage has arrived. we rushed home & headed to the city center. our holiday was finally beginning!


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