destination vienna 2015

destination vienna 2015 (or destination wien 2015) is the name the exhibition in kunsthalle wien, one of the leading contemporary museums in vienna. the exhibition itself gives the landscape of contemporary art in vienna, presenting selected contributions from artists of different generations, working in various methods and differing in their use of media.

i have visited kunsthalle wien a couple of days ago and i am so glad i did so, since the exhibition ended just yesterday. i got to see many interesting works of the viennese contemporary artists and i will share with you my favorites:

— marina faust, stacks
the idea of the exhibition is to show that the overlay of see-through images does not necessarily offer transparency. rather, the underlying layers become visible. they are like shadows of the above image.


— sonia leimer, neues land / nowaja semlja / new land
the work of sonia leimer combines historical footage of the nuclear-powered icebreaker lenin in action, as well as the excerpts from soviet propaganda footage of the space program. the video is projected onto an oversized envelope.


— christian mayer, putting in time
this series presents original photographs taken from american newspaper archives dealing with the burying of time capsules.


— karin pliem, concursus naturale I / concursus naturale II
the aim of these paintings is to bring together creatures from diverse parts and ecosystems worldwide: flora from the tropics, alpine valleys or the botanical gardens encounter sea animals or transgenic plants cured in the laboratory.


— hanna putz, 07min02, 2015 / 15min47, 2015 / 12min21, 2015
the exhibited photographs show people waiting, which produces a concise image of passing time. the images’ titles give us a hint of the waiting time frame.


–ana hoffner, transferred memories – embodied documents, 2014
the work transferred memories – embodied documents shows a conversation of two woman, who describe images of violence and horror in the north-west region of bosnia and herzegovina – prijedor, trnopolje and tomašica, while these images remain invisible.


— —


in the video, women also talk about the day when citizens of prijedor were forced to mark their houses with white flags or sheets and to wear a white armband if they were to leave their houses, in order to distinct themselves. it was 31st may 1992.

31st may is known as the white armband day – by wearing the white armband we are showing solidarity with victims of prijedor, and also with all of those who were targeted for their race, ethnicity or political beliefs.

— —


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