charming hobart [australia #13]

our trip to tasmania was focused on its wilderness, about which i’ve written in previous posts (fraycinet, bay of fires and cradle mountain); however, we had to stop by hobart, tasmania’s charming capital.

hobart 2

hobart is australia’s second settlement (sydney being the first), it was founded in 1804 as a penal colony. ties between these two cities remain strong until today – one of australia’s most important events is sydney to harbor yacht race – starting in sydney, in its spectacular harbor, on 26th december.

hobart 7

hobart was founded on the waterfront, just like its “big sister”, sydney. its most important site is still the harbor, which is composed of  two docks – victoria dock & constitution dock. constitution dock serves as the arrival point of the yacht race.

hobart 5.jpg

hobart 8

when in hobart, one must visit salamanca place, the site of a pulsating sunday-morning market, as we were told. unfortunately, we were staying in hobart for a very short while,  but even without that, we found the old stone warehouses atmospheric and appealing. there you may find a lively arts centre as well as the usual selection of galleries, bars and cafés.

hobart 1

what i loved about hobart were its warehouses (we were staying in a hotel which used to be a warehouse), galleries, colonial architecture, and of course, the most amazing oysters (and seafood in general).

the following pictures show only a tiny fraction of many hobart’s beauties.

hobart 6

hobart 3

hobart 4

hobart 9

we were told that the view of hobart is the best from mount wellington, but we never got to it. we had to leave something for the next time :)


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