a year on -> recap [australia #14]

this time last year we were in australia. well, we had just arrived and the whole adventure was still ahead of us. and when i say adventure, i really mean it.

so, this is where i end my australian trip, even though it is not where it actually ends. after visiting hobart, we flew back to melbourne, where we would spend a couple of days. we hang out with some of our friends and finally did some shopping (on boxing day, of course!).

then we headed back to sydney. the weather was truly amazing then, so we finally decided to visit one of sydney’s famous beaches – manly beach. the waves were really strong, but we decided to go with the flow – we always wanted to get destroyed by the waves, but never had a chance!

we visited blue mountains, which were very disappointing – for the amount of people encountered there. we really didn’t expect them to be so touristy. of course, we visited the famous three sisters, but we decided not to stay there too long. sydney was far more interesting; especially since we had discovered some new neighborhoods, such as paddington, surry hils and darlington.

and then, there was the new year’s eve – which we spent in sydney harbor, watching the unforgettable fireworks. and i really mean that.


so, why aren’t i writing separate posts about these events? the reason is simple: i have no photos. the photos from hobart are the last ones we transferred to external disc, before heading to cairns -> and in cairns, only 4 days after the incredible new year’s celebration, our camera (and so many other valuable things) with the remaining photos, got stolen.

so, a year after -> what can i say about our trip to australia. as i already said, it was an adventure. we didn’t stop talking about it. even about the last week, when our most valuable items were stolen, and the return trip back home (without passports!).

while solving these problems, i learned several valuable lessons:

  1. do not tell people more than what’s absolutely necessary – you might confuse them, which can create further problems;
  2. go one step at a time – if you try to think too much ahead, you’ll go crazy;
  3. it is nice to travel in a group (well, we were in a couple, but it still helps) – everyone has its own problem-solving method, and that is very useful in this kind of situations.

i hope to go back to aussie. it is one of the most beautiful countries i visited so far, and every time i think about it i feel extremely emotional. i know i will continue to compare all of my further trips to this very special one.


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