laughter / moment of happiness #3

“and in the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, and sharing of pleasures.
for in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed.”

— khalil gibran


what there is to say.. spring, provence, vacation, time for us..
by taking these photos, my husband managed to capture all the emotions of that day.
it was truly a wonderful day.


(rainy) venice and its lagoon, no. 394 / moment of happiness #2

venice and its lagoon have been on the unesco heritage site list since 1987. criteria behind its nomination are many, the most important one being the fact that it is a unique artistic achievement. the city is laid out onto 118 small islands and seems to float on the water’s surface. furthermore, the entire city is an extraordinary architectural masterpiece in which even the smallest building contains works by some of the world’s greatest artists such as titian, tintoretto, veronese and many others. the city itself also symbolizes the struggle of its people against the elements of nature.


i have visited venice several times and on different occasions, the last time was last saturday with my husband. having bought our tickets well in advance, we had no other choice than to “enjoy” venice under the heavy rain. we sure did our best – during the massive showers we went for lunch, for a coffee, and so on. however, our feet were still wet all day.


i have to admit, i was not a huge fan of venice at first. in my view, it was too crowded and too touristy, especially if you went to piazza san marco and ponte rialto. this time though, we decided to take some of the back routes, carefully avoiding people (the rain helped with that, as well!) and finally managed to see venice the way it was supposed to be seen: unique, artistic, but also decadent.



the above picture shows a view of the santa maria della salute from the ponte dell’accademia. after enjoying the view, we crossed the bridge and went to the island of santa maria della salute to get a closer view.


we spent the remaining part of the afternoon on that island, walking around and enjoying the views of the islands of san giorgio maggiore and la giudecca, as well as the company of very few people who decided to follow the same route. we also took a few pictures of some of the details we had found in this part of town.


we truly enjoyed ourselves.
even though it was raining almost all day long, and we missed the train on the way back (so we had to spend another hour at the train station), it was really one of those days we will remember for a long time. the following photo shows the most sincere smiles we are able to give.


moment of happiness #1

i believe everyone has at least one photo which shows the state of pure happiness. i happen to have several of them, which i plan to share with you, on my blog.

this photo was taken by my husband, only several days after our wedding. we were in cairo, and while everybody was telling us we cannot miss the khan al khalili souk, we decided to go next door and to visit al-azhar mosque; first to pray and than to admire it’s splendor.. and to take several pictures.

while he was taking pictures, i was looking around.. i was admiring the courtyard and mosque’s architecture.. its minarets, arches and motifs..

then he wanted to take picture of me. before having my picture taken i wanted to fix my scarf, but i realized i didn’t have a mirror.. then i remembered i could use the camera’s lens. while i was fixing my scarf, he started taking pictures.. and then i started to laugh.. actually, we both did..

39_al azhar

and that’s it. maybe i have more flattering photos, but this one is still very special. every time i look at it, all those memories come back.. bliss, laughter, and of course, happiness.