zurich.. from a different angle

what is the first thing that comes to our mind when someone mentions zurich, or switzerland in general?
chocolate, cheese, mountains, lakes.. and of course – money!
that’s how it was for me – until several months ago, when i got the chance to visit zurich again & to see it from a different angle.

oh it still is all that – but it’s also very fashionable, relaxed and bold.
i have spent the last weekend in zurich with my sister – mainly in the former industrial quarter – and i have to say – i liked it much better than the traditional organized, perfect and “money” quarter.

so, what did we do..

we started our saturday with a morning coffee in a very cosy cafe:

Zurich 1

then we decided to take a walk, it was a splendid autumn day.. we came across fraitag flagship store, completely built from rusty and recycled freight-containers. oh, this was zurich’s first bonsai-skyscraper: low enough not to violate the city’s restriction on high-rise buildings. it is quite something, right?

Zurich 2

on our way to the city centre we passed by “im viadukt” – a train viaduct from 1894 transformed into a 500-metre long shopping mall with a food market. we visited several stores; this is a place filled with young and up&coming designers:

Zurich 5

of course, we couldn’t resist checking out some of the food stores. i found this one quite interesting, especially for the chili hanging from the ceiling:

Zurich 3

as for the sunday, we started our day quite slowly – with a sunday brunch in a lovely restaurant:

Zurich 4

we spent the rest of the morning pampering ourselves – but in the afternoon we managed to get ourselves outside for a run. even though we both run quite regularly, it was our first time together. we had so much fun.. and we should definitely do this more often!

Zurich 7

to sum up, zurich is definitely prettier off the beaten path.. but it is the prettiest when you see it with someone as inspiring & amazing as my sister.


autumn in mommy’s kitchen

autumn has always been my favorite season. even though it is an introduction to cold & dark winter (which i don’t like at all), i tend to enjoy those reddish shades of trees, the cold breeze and (i have to admit) even the rain.
well, my birthday is also in autumn (i’m a november baby!), so that adds to autumn celebration.

oh, and another thing.. i love the food in autumn! all the fruits and vegetables we were craving for in spring and summer are finally here. back in the days when i was little, my mother would prepare fruit jams, so we would get the taste of summer even during the winter months. during those days, that cosy and welcoming fragrance would be all around our house.


this is a picture of my mommy’s kitchen, my all-time-favorite place, especially when there’s arrival of fresh vegetables from my uncle’s garden. as you may see in the above photo, there are all kinds of veggies here – you name it, we’ve got it: peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, spinach, beans, and so on.
it goes without saying, it’s all organic (i don’t wanna put a label on it – but my uncle is the one who prefers growing his veggies that way).


of course, my mom has immediately started to prepare some tasty meals using these veggies -> spinach pie, fried peppers, corn and creamy soups.

oh, and while she was in the mood, she made some cookies.. which are to be accompanied by a cup of coffee or warm tea.


after she sent me several photos, i insisted upon receiving more of them. i wanted to see what else she managed to cook and also i love the way she decorates the food. i was trying to convince her to start her own cooking blog, but i guess i wasn’t persistent enough.

so, what do you think? should i try to convince to pursue the “cooking blog” idea (with my help, of course)? i think it would be nice to see some of the typical bosnian dishes – with the twist, which she often adds – using different and sometimes unusual spices (at least for that corner of the world).

autumn the lovely

i am really grateful for this lovely fall we’ve been having. ever since i was a little girl, i loved it. it was my absolutely favorite season; even the start of school couldn’t ruin it.

maybe because i was born in autumn, on november 2nd. my mom told me it was beautiful day when i was born; it was getting cold, but the sun was shining & leaves were as colorful as they can get. days like that are still my favorite.

after all, albert camus said “autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower”. and i agree with him.

i will dedicate this post to several lovely cities in autumn.

zurich 2009
zurich, 2009.

nyc 2010
new york city, 2010.

munich 2011
my sister & i, munich, 2011.

rome 2012
rome, 2012.

vienna 2013
vienna, 2013.

ps. all the photos were taken by tarik&me. i can’t wait for autumn 2014. & new set of photos!