dragons rush in

“tell me, how does the world see us? as savages?” asked darko.
“no,” i said, “i actually think the problem is that the world doesn’t see you at all”.
— bill carter, “fools rush in”

sarajevo, 1993. bill carter, a young american, decides to come to bosnia and herzegovina to join a small group of volunteers who are trying to help people who UN cannot reach. while living in sarajevo, he managed to get in touch with locals and got to know what was hiding behind those tired and pale faces. always wanting to help more, he finally managed to draw the world’s attention to this corner of the world by getting in touch with one of the greatest rock bands ever – U2. the outcome were his documentary and a U2 song “miss sarajevo”, as well as his book “fools rush in”, which i’m currently reading.

i’m still not finished with it; after reading something similar to i’ve written above, it gets quite difficult to continue. even though i was a child during the war, and i wasn’t able to comprehend everything, all those feelings came back, rushing.. how scared we were.. how helpless we felt.. but how hopeful we were, in a vain hope that someone will hear us and come help us.

oh, and the other thing which really got to me – how the foreigners found bosnia and herzegovina so beautiful.. her high mountains, green rivers and lovely little towns. and i could only think of all those places back home and felt extremely nostalgic.


twenty years later, football team of bosnia and herzegovina (widely known as “dragons”) managed to qualify for the world cup in brasil, after being eliminated in the play-offs four years earlier.

tonight we will have our first match in the world cup in history, and we will fight argentina. as much as i am proud to see our boys together with one of the greatest teams of this year’s tournament, i have to admit i am really really nervous!

what i find amazing is the fact that major part of these football players have double-citizenship, given that most of them grew up elsewhere due to the war, but still they chose to play for our bosnia and herzegovina.

one thing is sure though, tonight the world will finally see us for who we really are.


so, go dragons (of bosnia)! make us proud!
and please keep in mind that no matter what happens tonight, you are the reason we feel proud to be bosnians!