afternoon break at the lovely café hawelka

café hawelka is one of the last remaining examples of the viennese coffee culture and definitely worth a visit. it is sited in the centre of vienna (in its innere stadt) in dorotheergasse 6.

hawelka 1

it was first opened by leopold and josefine hawelka, in the 1939. however, quite soon it had to be closed, due to the outbreak of world war II, and it did not reopen until the fall 1945. soon after its reopening, the café became a meeting point for various viennese writers and critics.

later on it became one of the tourist spots in town, but its charm remained until the present day. as soon as you enter, you will notice its shabby style; old & used furniture, vintage wallpaper, curtains are particularly old-school, and also there is some weird art. on the other hand, as the representative of viennese coffee culture, it is a place where time and space are consumed, but you have to pay only the coffee. the newspaper are equipped with wooden holder sticks, the coffee comes served with the glass of tap water and your coffee table would have a marble tabletop.

hawelka 2

oh, and you shouldn’t ask for the menu! actually, i don’t think it exists to begin with. waiters will tell you the whole story, but if you ask me, it’s quite safe to order the grosser brauner (or large coffee with milk) and the apfelstrudel (or apple strudel). ours was just too good.

hawelka 3


perché “vivere meglio” non sia solo un sogno…

i came across the coffee shop “vivere meglio” last saturday, as i wandering around milan. i went inside just for a coffee, which i planned to take at the bar. over the last couple of years i’ve gotten used to italian way of drinking coffee – at the bar and in one go. usually the best coffee is the one in bars and also it’s quite cheap. i don’t remember paying it more than 1 euro.

as i went in, i noticed how cute the place was. there were many different kinds of ice cream, chocolate sweets and many more. since i came in only to have a coffee, i decided to stick to my decision… or so i thought…


as you can see, with my coffee, i got served a little cookie! i got an instant urge to take a picture, and when i asked the man at the bar for permission to do so, he gave me a business card, so if i were to put it on facebook, people would know where i was. while talking to him, i came to an idea to start presenting these places (and i will call them “small places”) on my blog. it will become a part of my small world.

“vivere meglio” is a small cafetteria/cioccolateria in corso di porta vittoria, in milano. the whole story started not so long ago, in the year 2000, with a group of people who wanted to create ice cream, chocolate and coffee as they used to be “back then”. the philosophy of this brand is nature and using its rich resources to create different kinds of little treats. in their view, creating healthy food brings us to better life, and better life doesn’t have to be a dream. perché “vivere meglio” non sia solo un sogno.


as i was leaving, i couldn’t resist taking another picture, even without asking for permission. well, i hope they won’t mind.

ps. for more info visit

coffee time

i’m a coffee-lover.
our love affair started long ago, ever since my mom taught me how to dip a chocolate bar in a cup of coffee, so it would melt and chocolate would become so creamy and tasty. of course, i would dip my chocolate bar in her cup of coffee and very soon she regretted for teaching me the trick.

then, some years later, when i was a teenager, i would make her company during her coffee-break. it would soon become our ritual. bosnian coffee is to be drank slowly, with passion and patience. some of the greatest and most intimate stories are told over a cup of coffee.

since i haven’t been living in bosnia for almost 10 years, i got used to different kinds of coffee. italian coffee, american instant coffee, even coffee with extracts of ginseng and fatimah kecip plants, which i used to drink in malaysia. but bosnian coffee would still remain my absolute favorite.


so, this is how i spent this saturday afternoon with my hubby. bosnian coffee + mozartkugeln (we have to give credit to austrians for inventing one of the tastiest chocolate treats ever). also, huge thanks to my father-in-law for the beautiful present (coffee pot + cups, widely known as “džezva + fildžani”).