coat story

i’m not crazy about winter & cold weather, i spend most of the winter days counting how much we have until spring.. it’s mainly because i cannot stand cold (my hands & feet get immediately so cold) and it’s quite difficult to stay stylish.

well, i was quite fortunate during the last 10-ish years.. first i spent four winters on +30 degrees (in malaysia) during my studies.. and then for the next seven years i was enjoying mild italian winters. so, by moving to austria i got to experience what winter is really like.. and so far, i’m not enjoying it so much.

however, there’s something which keeps me in a better mood: my super-cool grey coat with super-cool pink hood!

it’s a product of one of my favorite brands, sandro. just like the rest of my favorite brands, it’s french.. and super chic!

what i like about this coat is that it’s form is totally simple and classic.. and yet, with the hood (which can be removed for the classy occasions), gives it that “bit” which makes it really unique.

i have it for a year now.. and i’m still totally crazy about it.

what do you think?



all the photos in this post were taken by tarik, during our winter holiday in lovely geneva (december 2015.)


red bag

i think every person needs a bag which is able carry everything one may need that day.. besides the usual, wallet, mobile, keys and lipstick, you could put your laptop, book (or in my case a space-saver, kindle), and even your groceries.
well.. maybe not every person.. but i know i do..

so, this is my “big-bag” – where i can put all the above. aaaand.. it is red! and very very pretty!

red bag_2a

this lovely zadig&voltaire bag is big enough to take in everything i need daily. it is strong enough to carry everything.. it’s got even this little red wallet for my passport.. and a little butterfly just to spice things up.

i have it for several months only, but it’s already my favorite. and as you could see, it goes well with vacation mood.

red bag_1a

ps. the first photo was taken (but slightly modified) from zadig&voltaire website, while the second took my husband during our vacation in france.

about the shoes..

just like with design and architecture, i am kind of person who is into fashion.
not that i’m trendy (and likely to buy whatever is “in” at the certain moment), but i don’t mind spending even higher amount of money for something i really find beautiful and interesting.

this kind of thinking got me into buying these shoes!


avec modération is an italian fashion brand, founded in firenze in the year 2000, with an aim to create colorful and unique shoes which will last for a long period of time.. and which will be still (and always) be in style.. their main product are slippers and sandals.

the last, capsule collection, explodes with color! there are slippers in red, yellow, green, pink.. and even in different patterns – zebra & tiger one. their pony fur slippers totally won me over, especially when i found them in purple (one of my favorite colors!)

and this is me, wearing my avec modération shoes:


ps. all the information may be found at: