fuorisalone 2015 – my farewell with milan

just like my first outing in vienna was in truly viennese style (summer night concert), my farewell with milan was also in style: salone del mobile / or milan design week, where i used to go almost every year. i wrote about it also on my blog (in 2013 and in 2014). usually i would visit the exhibitions within the city, such as zona tortona, ventura lambrate or brera design distinct. in the recent years the “fuorisalone” (meaning: the exhibitions outside of the exhibition fair) became even more popular, so that the entire city was actually a part of it.

on saturday we decided to go to the zona tortona, one of the first “fuorisalone” districts in milan. on the way there we passed through the navigli district, which was as cute & lively as always.


in the zona tortona itself, there were plenty interesting designs.. i was more curious than usual, since i was looking for an inspiration for our apartment..


of course, it is always useful to know what countries are the largest.. especially, if you want to visit them by bike – for example, the fancy one in the following picture :)


trees & green in general were well combined with the exhibition..


they managed to revitalize even some of the old buildings in the area.. with mirrors! of course, we played with them a bit..


tomorrow we decided to go next door, to cascina cuccagna – one of my very favorite places in milan. initially we planned on going to ventura lambrate, but we had a lot of packing to do, since i was leaving the day after.


this venue had the best thing of them all – the lovely terrace, where everyone could just lie around (& sunbathe even!). the lazy bags were of special kind, of course.. biodegradable and what not.

then we made friends with two little girls! they both told me what their favorite colors are, who their best friends are, etc. we had so much fun with them!


only couple of weeks ago, the following photo was published on cascina cuccagna’s facebook page. i liked it a lot, and when i zoomed it to see it in detail, i saw familiar faces! it’s us! and our little friends!

do you see us? we’re practically in the middle of the photo.


it is such a beautiful photo! it captures the essence of that lovely day!


cascina cuccagna – an oasis in milan

cascina cuccagna (cuccagna farmhouse) is one of those places where you can simply forget that you are actually in a gray, noisy and always busy milan. a true oasis – where you may enjoy all the things you are missing while in a city like milan – green, peace and tranquility.

cascina cuccagna_1

i’ve been to cascina cuccagna for the first time during the milan design week (salone del mobile) in april this year, when i visited an exhibition of furniture following the sustainable production concept (such as indastriadesign, about which i wrote before on my blog).

cascina cuccagna_2

ever since then, i kept on coming back to cascina cuccagna. was it for their lovely garden, where the children are more than welcome to play and run freely, or for the garden with veggies which are actually used in their restaurant? maybe it is simply the atmosphere – you may come here and sit in the garden, without even ordering the food. you may bring your book, or – even better – a friend, and enjoy this lovely ambient.

cascina cuccagna_3

if you decide to eat – there is a restaurant “un posto a milano”, with wide choice of organic meals, which are being changed constantly, depending on the current supplies. the water is on the house, it comes from the aqueduct of milan. the ambient is cool and simple. just the way i like it.

cascina cuccagna_4

if you haven’t noticed by now – i strongly recommend this place to all of you coming to milan and looking for a nice and cosy place with relaxed atmosphere and good food. for more details, visit their website: http://www.cuccagna.org/

back to the roots – indastriadesign

april is the month of design – at least for those who live in milan, when the city hosts its famous design and furniture fair, salone del mobile.

as written in one of my previous posts, i did not attend many events. but i did manage to visit cascina cuccagna, where an opportunity was given to young designers, especially to those designing and producing environment-friendly and sustainable furniture.

furthermore, i was invited the booth of my friends’s friend, claudio, who proposes sustainable design and recommends to use the furniture used in the past as an inspiration for new designs. may i present to you – indastriadesign & their fantastic pieces!

aprile è il mese del design – almeno per chi vive a milano, quando la città ospita la sua famosa fiera di design, salone del mobile.

come scritto in uno dei miei post precedenti, non ho partecipato molti eventi, ma sono riuscita a visitare cascina cuccagna , dove l’opportunità è stata data ai giovani designer, specialmente a coloro che progettano e producono dei mobili ecologici e sostenibili.

inoltre, sono stata invitata allo stand di un amico della mia amica, claudio, che segue la progettazione sostenibile e propone di utilizzare i mobili usati in passato come fonte di ispirazione per nuovi progetti. vi presento – indastria design & i loro pezzi fantastici!


indastriadesign 1

abi is a coffee table, with a double scope – three lids, which open the inner container, may be rotated and used as serving trays. there is also a possibility to have the patterns customized!
btw, this piece is my personal favorite!

abi è un tavolino dalla duplice funzione: i tre coperchi infatti, che aprono al contenitore interno, possono essere girati e servire da vassoi con la possibilità di personalizzarli graficamente!
btw, il tavolino è il mio pezzo preferito!


indastriadesign 2

pregadio hanger – hanger made ​​of birch plywood, is inspired in the form of an ancient ladder used by peasants from the veneto. its name “pregadio” or “pray-to-God” comes from the simple fact that you had to rely on your luck before you climb!
the hanger is designed to be assembled and disassembled easily. the components are interlocked, without the use of screws or glue.

pregadio appendino – appendino in multistrato di betulla tutto ad incastro, è ispirato nella forma a un’antica scala usata dai contadini veneti. il particolare appellativo di “pregadio” deriva dal semplice fatto che bisognava affidarsi alla buona fortuna prima di salirvi!
l’appendino è concepito per essere montato e smontato facilmente. i componenti si assemblano ad incastro, senza l’uso di viti o colla.


indastriadesign 3

mod is a cube with the pattern which may be customized and assembled differently in order to create different kinds of pieces of furniture.

mod è un cubo personalizzabile con stampa digitale che può essere assemblato creando di volta in volta mobili diversi.


indastriadesign 4

as previously written, when creating furniture there are plenty patterns to choose from. the figure above shows several examples!

come scritto precedentemente, ci sono tante scelte dei motivi grafici. la figura sopra fa vedere alcuni esempi!

ps. in this post i have shown only several pieces, the ones i liked the most. for more info visit the indastriadesign website – http://www.indastriadesign.it

ps. in questo post ho mostrato solo alcuni pezzi, quelli che hanno attirato la mia attenzione. per ulteriori informazioni, visita il sito web di indastriadesign – http://www.indastriadesign.it

a day in ventura lambrate

salone del mobile 2014, or milan design week, has just ended. truth to be told, i’ve remembered it is that time of the year only last week.. even though it caught me a bit off guard, i did not miss the chance to see what’s new out there.

this year i’ve decided to go to ventura projects in lambrate, former industrial area in milan.
since i’ve been in that area last year as well, i’ve noticed a lot of designs were sort of recycled.
however, what i really liked about this part of salone del mobile is how they used old workshops and factories as an exhibition place.

i will dedicate this post to spaces in ventura lambrate. designs were lovely, but spaces managed to impress me even more (which is not easy!).

lambrate 1

lambrate 2

lambrate 3

lambrate 4

i think you would agree with me that these spaces were totally worth a visit to ventura lambrate.