end of summer

we can all agree that we had a long and very warm summer.. it was even warmer for us who stayed in the city. i thought that, by moving to vienna, i would no longer experience such warm weather (summers in milan were really unbearable.. just like the weather during an entire year in kuala lumpur). but i was wrong – vienna welcomed me with the warmest summer ever.

however, it came to an end. the weather these days announces the arrival of autumn..
i spent the last day of summer in the garden of palais liechtenstein, its summer palace to be precise, which is quite close to where i live.


later i had learned that the liechtenstein summer palace is home to one of the most significant and largest private art collections in the world. the collection of the prince of liechtenstein includes treasures from the early renaissance to the high baroque, such as masterpieces by rubens, rembrandt, van dyck and many others. however, the art collection of the palais liechtenstein is visible only at events or booked tours. public tours are offered regularly and their timetable is exposed at the garden entrance.

since there were no tours offered at the time, i decided to stay in the garden (but i wrote down a note to myself to check out the timetable). i found a free bench, opened a book and enjoyed the last day of summer. i was so taken by the book that i forgot where i was. after some time, i looked up and saw a beautiful garden filled with flowers.. i decided to put down the book and take some pictures. i finally started practicing using my camera the way it should be used, so i thought i could give it a go..

..et voilà!




some photos may need improvement, but it’s a good start.. don’t you think so?


longing for summer

even though this winter was not as cold as the last ones (and not to mention winters of my childhood), last night i caught myself looking at pictures taken last summer and (secretly) planning where to go this summer.

last summer we went to island of vis, an island in adriatic sea, one of the farthest from croatian coast. the island was closed for tourists untill the 1990-ies, since it was used for military purposes, as a naval base.

the island’s two largest settlements are the town of vis, on the eastern side of the island, and komiža, on its western coast. we were in the second.

we were eager to go to the tiny island of biševo, which is just in front of komiža, and visit its famous blue cave. we spent the day in the beach of stiniva, one of the landmarks of croatian coast and definitely island’s most famous spot. and, of course, we enjoyed komiža.

blue cave1
biševo & blue cave

stiniva cove

beaches on vis