longing for summer

even though this winter was not as cold as the last ones (and not to mention winters of my childhood), last night i caught myself looking at pictures taken last summer and (secretly) planning where to go this summer.

last summer we went to island of vis, an island in adriatic sea, one of the farthest from croatian coast. the island was closed for tourists untill the 1990-ies, since it was used for military purposes, as a naval base.

the island’s two largest settlements are the town of vis, on the eastern side of the island, and komiža, on its western coast. we were in the second.

we were eager to go to the tiny island of biševo, which is just in front of komiža, and visit its famous blue cave. we spent the day in the beach of stiniva, one of the landmarks of croatian coast and definitely island’s most famous spot. and, of course, we enjoyed komiža.

blue cave1
biševo & blue cave

stiniva cove

beaches on vis